DealPoint for Syndicates

Capital raising is a core component of a growing business. We provide a full range of administration services that span from set up to close, and cover everything in between

Compare the capital raising structures we offer

Syndicate Fund Founder SPV
DealPoint Platform
Investor Type Accredited Investors, Family Offices, Vertical Experts Accredited Investors, Family Offices, Institutions Angel Investors, Customers, Stakeholders, Founder Network
Raise Type Deal by deal Committed capital / multiple deals One deal
Managed Services Optional
Legal & Accounting Optional
Carry 2% after return of capital N/A 2% after return of capital
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DealPoint’s Founders Syndicate made it easy for us to invite our customers to participate in our Seed Round. We had the syndicate up in 48 hours. It was efficient and cost-effective.