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Is this your story?

Fundraising isn’t easy. I finally have my lead investor and I am filling the round with my network of angel investors, customers and advisors. My lead doesn’t want me to have that many investors on the cap table (no one likes a messy cap table), so I turn to DealPoint’s syndicate solution to round up all the investors into one special purpose vehicle (SPV). The investors purchase units in the limited partnership SPV and the partnership makes the investment into my company.

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DealPoint desktop user interface

Close your funding round efficiently & accurately

Benefits for you

  • Turnkey SPV set up and full accounting and legal aspects of the offering fully managed
  • One consolidated view of all of the investors that are part of the syndicate with tracking through closing
  • Ensure compliance with digital audit trails and certificates validating e-signatures

Benefits for your network

  • Seamless visibility to offering and participation status through any device, at any time of the day
  • Reduced friction through consolidated views of all investments through a proprietary Investor Console
  • Support for multiple accounts such as individual, joint and corporate as well as HoldCos and trusts

Want to partner with us and make your capital raising journey less stressful?

I don’t have to worry about managing the syndicate, because DealPoint handles all the administration and tax filings until exit and I don’t have to track down 20 investors when we need a vote. It is a fantastic way to get all of my interested stakeholders a piece of the company.