Infrastructure for better capital markets

DealPoint cuts through the complexity of raising private capital, empowering issuers and investors to be able to participate in an otherwise opaque ecosystem.

The capital markets have come a long way, so have we

  • 2017 Our journey begins

    The private capital markets have always been difficult to navigate, especially for the regulated exempt market. With little to no technology solutions in market, we set out to build a solution that industry stakeholders could license to help them manage compliance and close rounds more efficiently. With seasoned private market professionals and an in-house team of dev talent, DealPoint is born.

  • 2018 The pilot

    With the input and support from our first exempt market dealer, DealPoint launches. We consulted with industry stakeholders including regulators, dealers, investors and legal professionals to bring the best, most easy to implement solution for the private capital market.

  • 2020 DealPoint launches venture suite

    After processing millions in exempt market transactions, we turned our attention to early stage capital and launched our venture essentials featuring private datarooms for deal review, document execution and fast, efficient closings for founders, angel investors and emerging fund managers.

  • 2022 DealPoint sees record volume

    Transactions top $350 million and our product keeps getting better. One-click syndicates, subscription fund processing and enhanced features delight our customers, helping them get more funding from a wider network of investors.

Want to join us in making the private capital markets more efficient?