DealPoint Founder SPV

Canada's Most Seamless
Special Purpose Vehicle

Skip the overwhelming administrative tasks of SPV management and use DealPoint and our team's expertise to simplify your private capital transactions, and save deal organizers and investors time and money

We've got you covered for the lifecycle of the SPV

Step 1: SPV formation

After you've identified a promising venture, we get you started with an SPV and data room and guide you through regulatory filings and entity documentation

Step 2: Funding & Tracking

After forming the SPV, investors execute documents and organize funds transfer. You will be able to track all participants and collaborate with LP's on the platform

Step 3: SPV Admnistration

SPV closes, and a partnership is formed. After the investment into the target company, we work with you to manage all ongoing admin and SPV wind up

Two options to get going with your SPV

Use of DealPoint Platform

DealPoint provides an investor portal for document execution and investor management and is ideally suited to manage the onboarding and compliance for many smaller investors.

Platform + Fund Administration

Onboard investors and offload burdensome administration. We'll provide the structure for pooling investors into one SPV entity and manage the investment through wind-down.

DealPoint makes syndicating rounds so much easier. Our investor network gets notified about the target venture and with one click, can review, evaluate and execute the paperwork.