North Forge Case Study Overview

Empowering Investor Engagement: North Forge‘s Journey with DealPoint's Accelerator Model

North Forge Technology Exchange (North Forge) is a non-profit incubator accelerator that works with startups across Canada in technology, STEM and advanced manufacturing from the ideation stages all the way through to Series A. North Forge fuels Manitoba’s innovation economy, providing founders with experienced mentors, entrepreneurs-in-residence, award winning growth coaches and a unique, online four-stage Founders program.

North Forge sought to optimize its investor onboarding process. Collaborating with DealPoint, an all-in-one investment management platform, they utilized it as a due diligence tool, implementing a data room for their startup founders to showcase their information and documents to prospective investors. When ready to raise capital, the dataroom can then be switched to let investors complete the subscription documents.

North Forge, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, helps new tech startups and faced challenges in providing tools for their portfolio companies to organize crucial documents for inviting people in to see their deals. They needed a solution to simplify the process and provide comprehensive support to their startups.

With a growing number of startups seeking funding, the manual processes for investor onboarding and document management was becoming time-consuming and inefficient.

By leveraging DealPoint's innovative platform, North Forge found a comprehensive solution to their challenges. The platform offered robust features for creating data rooms, managing documents, and facilitating startup founders communication with investor prospects. DealPoint's guided tour and educational resources provided clarity on how to effectively utilize the platform, empowering startups to navigate the fundraising journey with confidence.

“DealPoint's platform has provided our startup founders with a clear roadmap for navigating the investment process. It's incredibly user-friendly and has streamlined how we organize and present vital documents to potential investors.”

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