AIoT Case Study Overview

DealPoint Plays A Pivotal Role in the Success of AioT Health’s Syndication Strategy

AioT Health, Artificial Intelligence of Things Healthcare, is a syndicate Fund investing in applications of deep tech to reimaginen the future of healthcare. To date the fund has invested in 11 Robotics, AI and Quantum technology companies focused on the healthcare industry.

From the very beginning, AioT Health sought to streamline its fund administration, knowing they required a robust platform that could handle the complexities of syndicate funding without the burden of traditional, cumbersome administrative tasks. With no previous process in place, AioT Health needed a solution that would cater to the intricate needs of a syndicate strategy from the ground up.

AioT Health implemented DealPoint right at the start of their venture; after it was recommended by a network affiliate who had positive experiences with the platform. DealPoint was chosen for its comprehensive digital solution which covered simplified investor onboarding, LPs ability to self-serve through the dashboard, and assurance of adherence to legal and regulatory requirements, safeguarding the deals and their investors. DealPoint provided the legal trust to manage the movement of capital, thereby ensuring compliance and fostering investor trust.

Partnering with DealPoint enabled AioT Healthto significantly reducing overhead by eliminating the need to establish separate corporate entities for each investment deal. DealPoint’s automated solutions for investor onboarding and record-keeping, coupled with the transparency afforded by a self-service investor dashboard, ensured regulatory compliance and built a foundation of trust with investors. This comprehensive digital infrastructure provided by DealPoint not only optimized operational efficiency for but also enhanced investor confidence, which has been critical in the fund’s ability to attract and maintain a robust investor base.

"From the get-go, DealPoint has provided AioT Health with the foundation we needed to confidently launch our fund. Its integrated digital approach to investor onboarding and fund management addressed all our administrative concerns. The assurance of compliance and ease of investor relations has been paramount. DealPoint has not just been a platform but a pivotal component of our syndication strategy," reflects Jehangir Appoo, Founding Partner of AioT Health.

For AioT Health, choosing DealPoint as their partner was a strategic move that has paid dividends. DealPoint's end-to-end digital solution enabled AioT Health to focus on what they do best: raising capital and driving investments, knowing that the administrative and compliance aspects are in capable hands. The platform's ability to evolve with AioT Health’s growing needs continues to be a key factor in their sustained success.

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